Sauer Compressors Canada products are available from Wainbee Limited. The manufacturer specializes in medium- and high-pressure air and gas compressors for demanding applications, as well as naval, commercial, maritime, offshore, and research and development scenarios. Sauer high pressure compressors are a testament to the company’s engineering superiority and production expertise.

With its renowned military design experience and constant innovation, Sauer develops and makes the most reliable and cost-efficient industrial compressors available.

Perfect for oil and gas

Fully customizable, these high pressure compressors can be designed to work with a wide range of applications. They are rated for continuous duty, have been field-tested in the most challenging applications, and are refined extensively to offer reliability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As the global leader in the compressor market, Sauer has earned a solid reputation for reliability and life-cycle product support.

In addition to the air market, Sauer high pressure compressors are established in the fields of compressed natural gas (CNG), nitrogen, helium, and inert gas. In the oil and gas sector, CNG has the potential to fuel millions of vehicles worldwide while providing substantial economic, safety, and environmental advantages. Sauer specially equips its high-pressure CNG boosters for CNG compression, and they offer a reliable, safe solution for CNG filling stations, from single units for original equipment manufacturers to customized solutions.

Sauer CNG compressors are used for vehicle filling stations, pipeline gas injection, and natural-gas engine testing in the oil and gas industry. The product ranges used include PASSAT, HURRICANE, TORNADO, and 6000; these provide a flow ranging from 13 to 210 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM), with pressure from 580 to 5,000 psig.

Another example available from Wainbee is a four-stage air cooled compressor, which works with air, nitrogen, natural gas, and bio-methane. This unit offers operating pressures from 1,750 to 5,000 pounds per square inch and flow from 46.9 to 76 SCFM.

For a glimpse inside the Sauer Compressors North American headquarters in Stevensville, MD, check out the video below:

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