Canada’s top one-stop shop for industrial machining: this is the reputation that Matritech Inc. has earned for more than three decades. A big reason why is the company’s unmatched diversity of services: it serves as an extension of the customer’s own firm, offering laser cutting, welding, stamping, and metal parts coating. The latter service includes painting, plating, and passivation, all with the goal of providing the best finishing touch for every component.

The highest aesthetic standards

Matritech ensures that its custom-machined parts always meet the highest aesthetic standards while living up to functional expectations. The company achieves this with several coating options, plus such finishing techniques as anodizing and silk screening. Strategic partnerships with many suppliers help Matritech to offer this range of options – and grant access to the highest-quality surface-coating products that are available in Canada at the moment. The company employs many trained and skilled personnel to handle these operations, so that the final product is always delivered to the customer in a ready-to-use form.

Clients yield several significant competitive advantages when they work with the Matritech crew for metal parts coating. First, these coating services contribute significantly to Matritech’s goal of simplifying every customer’s supply management. A second major benefit is the economy of scale with Matritech’s partners, because of the large volumes generated by the company’s entire client base. All customers can yield benefits from the company’s experience with managing the various standards with which its supplier partners comply. And Matritech can offer valuable time savings with its efficient handling and oversight of parts transportation and logistics among these partners.

To get a closer look at the many advantages of Matritech’s metal parts coating and finishing services, check out the video below:

Whatever a customer may need, coating is just one of a wide range of services that Matritech can contribute to the same project. Other processes available:

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