piab is renowned for its lineup of vacuum-conveying systems, which Firing Industries Ltd. supplies to Canadian businesses in numerous sectors, including pharmaceuticals. These conveying devices meet user needs at every production stage in this market. This is especially true today, when the pharmaceutical industry is changing and continuous manufacturing has become a high priority. The piab portfolio can help these companies produce tablets and caplets more efficiently.

A new understanding of processes

Although many pharmaceutical makers still produce their wares in batch procedures, a stop-and-go process in which individual production stages are conducted strictly in succession, recent developments suggest that continuous manufacturing is the way of the future for this industry. This method has high potential for safe, cost-saving processes. piab vacuum-conveying systems are perfect for it.

Continuous manufacturing is based on a new understanding of processes: that the product in one process forms the direct base material for the next. Continuous lines operate with no interruption over longer periods; no storage space for intermediate products is required, and batch sizes can be scaled solely over the lines’ run time. In addition, new products can be launched quickly, since facilities can use the same lines for both production and development.

Vacuum conveyors by piab are already taking centre stage in this new development in evolving automation. Not only do these vacuum-conveying systems from Firing Industries optimize continuous tablet and caplet presses; they also meet the strict quality demands and regulations of the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing includes production of preparations, antibiotics, vitamins, and hormone preparations in ampules, tablets, capsules, pills, and suppositories. Among the other products are ointments, emulsions, aerosols, and plasters. This sector involves high standards for chemical purity and sterility, and plants must comply with local and international regulations, plus the standards of the GMP and the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Check out the video below to get a better sense of the role that piab plays in the pharmaceutical industry:

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