Advanced pick-and-place with AI

Did you know that you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify abnormal machine behavior and avoid unplanned production stops? That is the key purpose of this new pick-and-place solution that also combines vision, robotics, motion, control and safety within the Omron Sysmac platform. In […]

Making automated traceability smarter

Did you know that you can optimize quality and productivity by tying product data to process data in a real-time traceability system? James Mortell, Omron Automation Center engineer, walks us through Omron’s “Fishtank” demo, which combines barcode or direct part mark reading with vision-based inspection […]

Flexible, scalable laser marking

Traceability has become a common strategy that’s widely used in manufacturing, but many companies continue to struggle with the goal of fully leveraging traceability data to improve productivity. One salient challenge manufacturers face is the need to read highly compact, information-packed barcodes on space-constrained parts […]